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What would a dog buy his human for Christmas?

What would a dog buy his human for Christmas?

Our dog always gets gifts for Christmas.

It all started with his first toy wrapped up for him when he was just a pup; now, he understands something is under the tree for him every year. Now he has an uncanny knack for picking out his gift from under the tree, I'm not sure how he manages to do it, but without fail, he understands what gift is his and looks up to me for reassurance.


Now with three children, presents are all based around them; still, our dog continues to push in to get his surprise on Christmas morning.


However, now our three children get gifts from our Four-Legged family members. It's generally small gifts.


So it got me thinking, what would our dog buy his little humans? Most probably something to do with food, hopefully not chocolate as it is poison to a dog buts something they could all enjoy, but dogs can't eat anything sweet bar honey as a dog's body is not the same as ours. Dogs have a much shorter intestine and do not have the Enzymes that make it easy to digest certain foods. So what would our dog buy our kids for all to get full enjoyment on Christmas day?


I think he would buy them a dog toy! So they could all play and enjoy time together, running around the house on Christmas morning or a game of catch and play on the Christmas afternoon walk after dinner. I believe This is the only present the kids and our dog would love!


Please comment below for suggestions on what your dog would buy you or your children for Christmas.

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