Your Puppies first Christmas - Natural rubber Pet Toys

Your Puppies first Christmas

Your Puppies first Christmas

Christmas time with your new Puppy  

So this is your puppies' first Christmas; how exciting! You are probably going overboard with Dog toys-stuffed stockings, fun outfits, and a must-have is Reindeer Antlers, which are So cute. There are many ways to incorporate your Puppy into your holidays, So long as you are well prepared and ensure you keep your new family member in mind.

I've created some tips to help over the festive holiday to ensure your pet is safe and how to teach them to behave well over the holidays.


I think he would buy them a dog toy! So they could all play and enjoy time together, running around the house on Christmas morning or a game of catch and play on the Christmas afternoon walk after dinner. I believe This is the only present the kids and our dog would love!


Please comment below for suggestions on what your dog would buy you or your children for Christmas.

Christmas tree and owner carries puppy


Decorating with Puppy in mind

You can get some incredible Christmas decorations; however, these look like fun toys for your Puppy, too; you will need to keep them out of reach for your pet's safety. Placing a puppy gate around the tree may be a good idea.

To add to this, avoid overindulging with tinsel and ribbons. If your Puppy eats these decorations, they could get caught in the intestines and require complicated emergency abdominal surgery. Christmas decorations can come with many toxins; some decorations could even have antifreeze in them to stop them from breaking; these types of toxic baubles shouldn't be in the homes with any dog. Be careful about what products you buy, especially when they are made in mass and made on the cheap. These manufacturers are not thinking of your pet's safety, so when purchasing, check if they are pet-friendly.

puppy wrapped in decorations

Always watch and supervise

 Your Puppy's first Christmas is an exciting time for you and them. You bring in things like a big Tree in the house ( when they get told off for bringing a stick in the home), but this looks like so much fun, but to ensure your pet's first Christmas goes well, you must provide activities like putting up the tree in a safe environment with your new pet well away from set-up time. Training comes in handy, like crate training.


Crate training is an excellent skill for this holiday season if your Puppy is happy in his crate. He has a great safe space to relax when you can't supervise him. This is the perfect place for your pet for activities like parties, gift wrapping, and maybe decorating the tree.

Awareness of every gift and person that comes into your home is a potential hazard. Keep all electrical cords unplugged when you're out, and make sure things like candles are correctly blown out. Don't put gifts under the tree unless you are there to supervise; maybe the best option is to keep them out of reach.

 Routine, Routine; don't forget the Routine. 

 Puppies love Routine; it's easy to get out of Routine in the chaos of holidays. But for your Puppy's sake, it is best to keep things as normal as possible. New puppy parents make a common mistake when they have time off from work and have plenty of time to spend with their latest addition to the family; instead, it is best to keep with Routine as you would with any newborn; sometimes, change isn't too comforting for your pup. 

You may be home for the holidays. It is best to keep to the same schedule; this will help your Puppy prepare for January. 

You should ensure time is set aside for walks to help keep your Puppy happy. Tired Pups are always good pups; remember, keep them mentally stimulated.

puppy with teething puppy toy

Manners at the door 

 Keep your pet away from the front door when your guests arrive. Usually, this will be a task and very challenging to do, be well prepared with his favorite teething dog toy. I would try to use treats for limited training; his beloved dog toy should work as well as any dog treats. But most important is to praise good behavior, like sitting before saying hello to guests, and ensure he doesn't jump up!

 Guests coming and going could cause your Puppy to take the chance and do a runner. It is essential to ensure this does not happen as he could get lost and hurt while chasing down that exciting and interesting new smell. Make sure your Puppy is microchipped and wearing the updated tag also with all the excitement with guests coming to make sure he gets enough potty breaks.


Pick a perfect pet gift for your dog banner

Manners at the party 

Christmas is a fun time to connect with all friends and family. However, no one likes to be jumped upon by a disobedient Puppy, no matter how cute, especially when dressed to impress. Teaching your Puppy to positively and appropriately engage with your friends and family makes time spent together more enjoyable.

He should Practice impulse control and appropriate interactions with guests. An excellent idea to Reward your Pup for good behavior when he is a good boy, like sitting when greeting guests. Or when he goes to his safe place when the doorbell rings or having a catch-up sleep, maybe in his crate with his favorite natural rubber toy, most probable his Ovo Egg, they are great for teething puppies; these rubber toys are soft and durable.

It is also essential your guests are also contributing to a well-behaved dog. By not giving food from the table, getting your Puppy jumping up or mouthing, and when visiting family, remember not everyone is as understands your goals for a well-behaved dog.

 Puppies are curious, especially to new people, and what gift they bring to your home; not only will your friends not enjoy finding their perfectly wrapped gift in shreds. Or there is a newly purchased handbag that could contain some lethal things like medications, like ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin, sleep aids, and antidepressants, which are especially dangerous for dogs and can lead to overdoses.

 Puppies need sleep, so giving plenty of time for this critical task of meeting new people will also tire your pup out, so provide them with space to chill.

 Planning is key to success. 

 If you're visiting friends and family, plan to make sure this adventure is as safe and relaxed as possible. Don't forget to pack the essentials a pack of favorite pet toys, treat, and puppy crate; the essential things will help him to be a well-behaved guest.

Make sure you have your vet opening hours and telephone number or the nearest veterinary hospital if your Puppy ingested something which is causing him to vomit telephone number for the animal poison line is 012020900; here is a link to their website

 Check what your dog eats; he will try everything with a wag of the tail, but something humans eat is poison for dogs. Remind your guests not to feed anything from their plates and check out what could be potentially poisonous for your dog. Stay clear from chocolate, sugar-free candy, peanut butter containing Xylitol, bread, beer, and bones. Puppies are best not to get used to eating anything from scraps from the Christmas dinner like gravy trimmings etc.; our Puppies need to eat their regular food for growth.

 Enjoy your time together.

 Christmas is full of things to do with your pet; community center and retailers usually offer an opportunity for your dog to visit Santa; great to get some photos for next year's Christmas cards for when your Puppy was tiny and so adorable:) 

If you get to see Santa Clause, bring lots of treats or your favorite rubber dog toy. It can be a little scary, too, for a puppy to see Santa.

 But the critical thing to take from this blog is ROUTINE; this will ensure you have a well-rounded, behaved, calm Puppy and congratulate them on their efforts. Don't use feeding treats too much use a favorite puppy toy.



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