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Dive into the Natural Rubber Pet Toys Online Store, your ultimate hub for high-quality, eco-friendly dog toys, including those irresistible squeaky toys every pup loves.

Sourced from global artisans, our carefully curated collection of dog toys champions sustainability, ensuring every playful moment is both safe for your pet and the planet.

Each toy is masterfully handcrafted, blending premium natural materials and vibrant hues achieved with food-grade dyes.

Our assortment boasts an array of choices — from puppy teething solutions, engaging training aids, bouncy balls, and enchanting character sets to the trending Ovo eggs. For the gift-giving spirit, our offerings are elegantly packaged in artisanal gift boxes.

We're honored to be the sole UK representatives of the Lanco brand, spotlighting the Mushroom & Co range, delightful Ovo Eggs, and those much-sought-after squeaky toys. Our trusted alliance with Lanco dates back to 2009.

Beyond our products, our family-driven ethos prioritizes an unwavering dedication to top-tier customer service, a testament to our profound love for all furry companions.

May our dog toys infuse boundless joy, playfulness, and wagging tails in your homes.


The Mushroom & Co Family.