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Welcome to Natural Rubber Pet Toys Online Store, a one-stop shop for natural dog toys

We have sourced the globe for the best Eco-Friendly, sustainable dog toys that are safe for our pets.

Our dog toys are hand-made, using only the best natural ingredients; our natural pet toys are hand-painted with permanent food-grade dyes.

We have a great selection of Puppy teething toys, dog training aids, balls, cute character sets, catch and play toys, and our ever more popular Ovo eggs, all Packed in beautifully designed gift boxes.

Natural Rubber Pet Toys sell Mushroom & Co toys by Lanco Toys / Ovo Eggs and squeaky toys in the UK, which are the sole distributors of the Lanco brand here in the UK and have been since 2009.

We strive for excellent customer service; we are a family run business that adores all types of pets, primarily dogs.

I hope you like our pet toys as much as we do

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Mushroom & Co Family

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