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Festive Unwrapping: Ensuring a Safe Christmas Morning with Your Dog

Festive Unwrapping: Ensuring a Safe Christmas Morning with Your Dog

Christmas is right around the corner, and many homes are already brimming with festive cheer, adorned with glittering trees and decorations. In households like ours, with three lively children and an energetic dog, the season's enthusiasm can sometimes be a bit... overwhelming.

Drawing from past experiences, mixing dogs with indoor trees, especially those laden with electric lights and delicate ornaments, can be a recipe for unintended chaos.

Over the years, I've encountered a few festive blunders and near misses. And in the spirit of sharing and ensuring everyone has a safe holiday season, I've compiled a list of handy safety pointers.

Christmas ornaments might shimmer and sparkle, catching the eye of your curious pup, often mistaken for playthings. So to ensure your tree stays pristine and your dog stays safe, here are ten tips to make your festive season as smooth and joyful as possible.

1. Secure Your Tree Firmly: The festive season's excitement can make dogs more curious than usual. An unstable tree is a disaster waiting to happen, especially with an inquisitive pup around. Ensure the tree stand is apt for your tree's size and offers reliable support. While tying the tree to the wall can offer stability, if you're concerned about wall damage, consider placing weights or sandbags around the base and disguising them with tinsel or decorative cloth.

2. Elevate for Added Safety: Positioning your tree slightly off the ground can prevent many canine-related mishaps. This elevation safeguards the tree from playful tails and nosy snouts while preventing any unfortunate "marking" incidents. Using a sturdy table not only keeps the tree elevated but also offers more room for Santa's gifts!

3. Consider an Artificial Alternative: While nothing matches the aroma and feel of a real tree, the shedding needles can be a concern. These needles can be sharp, posing a risk of eye injuries or becoming embedded in paws. If ingested, they can upset your dog's stomach. High-quality artificial trees are not only dog-safe but are also eco-friendly when used over many years, offering a practical and sustainable choice.

4. Protect the Tree's Water Supply: For those who can't resist the charm of a real tree, hydration is key. But remember, the water can become stagnant and might mix with fallen needles, turning it into a harmful drink for your pooch. Ensure the water bowl is covered, or if that's challenging, regularly replace the water to avoid any health issues for your canine companion.

 Dog wrapped up in Lights from Christmas tree

1. Light Safety Measures: While twinkling lights and a brandy-soaked Christmas Pud are festive essentials, they can be alluring hazards for our furry friends. To prevent electric shocks or strangulation risks, consider keeping lights off the tree's lower branches. Secure any exposed wires out of reach, perhaps anchoring them with electrical tape. Alternatively, opting for battery-operated lights can reduce risks, as they don't carry a potent electric charge even if accidentally chewed.

2. Rethink Glass Baubles: While glass ornaments can be elegant, they pose risks when dropped or knocked. If they shatter, both human feet and dog paws are vulnerable to injury. If you're set on using them, place them higher on the tree and ensure they're securely fastened. However, for a more pet-friendly festive season, consider alternative ornaments made of paper or recyclable plastics. They can be just as charming and significantly safer.

Dog Smelling Christmas decoration

1. Rethink Edible Ornaments: Once upon a time, we delighted in hanging chocolates on our tree, only to notice them mysteriously disappearing while our dog eyed the tree keenly. Remember, chocolate is dangerous for dogs, carrying toxic properties harmful to their health. Although edible ornaments might seem fun, it's best to keep them off the tree or place them well out of reach to avoid tempting your pup and potential mishaps.

2. Baby Gates: Not Just for Toddlers: Consider using baby gates to create a secure boundary around your tree. This ensures your dog doesn't have easy access, alleviating any worries about potential tree disasters.

3. Embrace Alternative Barriers: In addition to baby gates, consider using other barriers like festive fences or dog playpens to safeguard your tree. Numerous options available online are both stylish and functional, ensuring your tree remains a centrepiece without posing risks to your furry friend.

Dogs on Christmas Day waiting for there Dog Gifts

Christmas morning is a special time when we gather to unwrap gifts. However, if your dog tends to steal the spotlight, especially upon seeing a new squeaky rubber toy, it might be wise to introduce his gifts in a separate space. This ensures both your holiday décor and your excited pup remain safe. And if you've gifted him bouncy rubber toys, it's a good idea to avoid playtime near the Christmas tree; their unpredictable trajectories could lead to unintended holiday mishaps.

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