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Why Your Pets Will Love Lanco Toys

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The life of a dog is filled with happiness and pleasure. These pleasures consist of their owner, yummy treats and of course toys. In simple words, toys are the best thing dogs possess. Of course there are dogs that play and love just one toy their whole life, then there are pets that have numerous toys and they love all of them. If you are thinking of buying a new toy for your pet, then you should try shopping for them at and here is why you should do so.

  • Who is Lanco: Lanco is a family business based in Barcelona since 1952. They believe in making the world a better place. Their mission is to share the beauty of nature with everyone through toys made with natural materials and these toys are meant for pets.
  • Design of The Toys: Every toy has a unique design. They are sketched into a new and original design. They challenge themselves with different colours, textures and shapes.
  • How They Come To Life: 3D model of the toys are made using Plasticine. With the 3D model, a mould is constructed. Rubber extracted from the Hevea tree is used to make latex which is poured into the mould. After solidifying, the rubber toy is carefully removed by hand so that there is no damage. After polishing and refining of the toy, the rubber toy is painted with permanent food-grade paint which does not contain any chemicals. Lastly a small squeaker is placed at the bottom of the toy to make the gentle squeaky noise that pets love.
  • What Is So Special About Them: All the toys are handcrafted by artisans to give them the unique look. The rubber used is 100% natural which is extracted from the common rubber tree- Hevea Brasiliensis. The rubber is tapped out of the tree by hand, this is done by cutting small slits of the bark so that the sap also known as latex drips out and are collected in small containers. The toys are made with non-toxic, non-chemical materials and are completely free from Phthalate, Nitrosamines, PVC and BPA. Each toy is Hand Painted with
  • The Toys: All the toys are flexible, soft and are easy to chew and do not hurt the dogs in any way. The bright colour makes the toy easily visible to the pet so that they can find it while playing in the park or the garden. When the dog chews or squeezes the toy a gentle squeaky sound is made that helps to stimulate the dog’s senses.
  • Range Of Variety: A wide range of colourful soft toys are available at the Lanco pet toy store. Here you can find toys ideal for dogs of all sizes, ages and breed. From chew toys for puppy to cute throwing balls to play, toys of unique shapes and designs are found here.

Lanco pet toys give you the guarantee that all the toys are tested and proven to be made with natural product which your pet will surely love and these toys will not be harmful to the health of your loving pet as well.


Safe Fun, Natural Done

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