Premium Dog Toys: Natural, Durable & Eco-Friendly Playthings - Natural rubber Pet Toys

Premium Dog Toys: Natural, Durable & Eco-Friendly Playthings

Premium Dog Toys: Natural, Durable & Eco-Friendly Playthings

The Ultimate Dog Play Experience: Ovo Eggs by Lanco

Teaming up with the renowned Lanco, a Barcelona-based Spanish gem, our Ovo eggs are more than just dog toys – they're an embodiment of history and craft. With deep roots stretching back to 1952, Lanco's family-led passion has curated iconic dog playthings that generations of pets have cherished. With collaborations featuring industry giants like Disney and Wallace & Gromit, their pedigree in the dog toy industry is unparalleled.

The journey of our interactive dog toys began with the celebrated Ovo Original. Designed not just as playthings, but as companions, we were confident of their future stardom in the pet toy world. To mirror the essence of this natural dog toy, we opted for eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging, mirroring our green ethos.

The uniqueness of Ovo? It's egg-shaped brilliance. Ensuring erratic bounces, it introduces a world of playful unpredictability, ensuring hours of dog entertainment.

While their minimalist charm entices, the Ovo eggs' durability stands testimony to the premium rubber, sourced meticulously from the sap of the Hevea Tree. Riding the wave of their soaring popularity, we diversified our line-up, catering to every dog breed, from sprightly Chihuahuas to regal Great Danes. Our roster now includes quirky characters like the Viking, DJ, Chef, and many more, making them some of the best dog toys on the market.

A distinctive feature of Ovo? Its gentle squeak. Harmoniously high-pitched, it’s tailor-made for the canine auditory palette. Standing distinct from the generic noise of mass-produced toys, we believe its unique tonal quality is what makes dogs gravitate towards Ovo.

Lanco dog toys embody the spirit of nature. Made with the sap from ethically tapped Hevea trees and infused with food-grade dyes, they promise safety in every bounce and bite. Our unwavering commitment to handcrafted quality means we sidestep mass production. While this occasionally means limited stock, it's a nod to their artisanal, limited-edition nature. In an ocean of factory-made dog chew toys and playthings, Lanco’s commitment to quality sets it apart.

Hunting for the quintessential gift for your furry friend? Dive into Lanco – where premium dog toys meet unmatched safety standards. Experience the confluence of nature and joyous play.

Explore our Ovo collection and a plethora of other dog toy wonders on our website!


  • To order 2 Large rubber ova egg dog toys.Met someone on the park with one today and my 8month old chocolate Labrador loved it.

    MAry Kempster on

  • What is the best thing to use to clean the Ovo eggs. Our big yellow one is filthy after being thrown around the garden? TIA

    Pamela Graham on

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