Ovo Egg by Mushroom & Co - Natural rubber Pet Toys

Ovo Egg by Mushroom & Co

Ovo Egg by Mushroom & Co

We developed Ovo eggs with Lanco, a Spanish company based in Barcelona. Lanco is a Family run business that has been creating dog toys since 1952. Lanco has worked with Disney, Wallace and Gromit, and many other notable companies throughout its many years in business.

Ovo Balls started with Ovo Original. We knew these were going to be hit that dogs LOVE. We designed Eco-friendly biodegradable packaging to match this natural dog toy.
We designed them like an Egg shape as when playing catch and played, the ovo ball will bounce in so many different ways ensuring the dogs are well amused.

The design of ovo eggs is simple, and this is what we wanted; although simple, still so cute, but be sure these soft eggs are very durable—the rubber is very high quality from the sap of the Hevea Tree.

As popularity has grown, we have developed different size ovo eggs to ensure all dogs have a choice, from a Chihuahua to a giant dog like the Great Dane. We have them covered will all sizes of Ovo Eggs. We also have characters like Viking, Dj, Chef, and many more soon.

The Sound of the Ovo Squeek is not loud and has a high pitch but is not annoying for us dog owners, unlike the massed produced toys from China. I believe this is why dogs love them so so much is the pitch as dogs can hear higher tones than us, and this is my theory why dogs love these toys.

Lanco toys are made with nature in mind using the sap from a tapped Hevea tree, using permanent food-grade dyes. NOTHING is toxic in our toys; NO LEAD, nothing! We are not MASS producing these toys; this is why we may sometimes run out of stock; these are unique toys not made on the cheap but made with care and love; this is why it has lasted and still going after all these years. While competing with mass-produced pet toys in places like China, quality always wins.
If you want to purchase a gift for a dog, choose Lanco. Lanco Toys are tested for babies but made for dogs! No Toxins, No Lead, nothing, just natural ingredients.

Safe Fun Naturally Done www.naturalrubberpettoys.co.uk


  • To order 2 Large rubber ova egg dog toys.Met someone on the park with one today and my 8month old chocolate Labrador loved it.

    MAry Kempster on

  • What is the best thing to use to clean the Ovo eggs. Our big yellow one is filthy after being thrown around the garden? TIA

    Pamela Graham on

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