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cockapoo dog for you

cockapoo dog for you


"Cockapoo is the dog for you," Hey, I am a poet, and I didn't even know it!

Owe dear, where is this post going?


Back to the seriousness of the review: Cockapoos are a fantastic breed of dog. Cockapoos are one of our most loyal customers; they love our OVO EGGS... They are Crazy about them. 


So, owning a Cockapoo is full of joy; they make us smile each day and enrich our lives; however, a cockapoo or any dog is not suitable for everyone.

 Take a Jump?

Before making this life-changing jump for joy and happiness before sourcing a breeder, it's worth going through this list of things to consider before leaping into a long-term commitment and ensuring you make an honest decision is whether a Cockapoo is right for you.  

Do you currently have a lifestyle, and are your circumstances OK with adding a new family member like a busy little cockapoo?

A Dog is a massive commitment, and owning one should be an enjoyable privilege, not a chore. You should only consider getting a dog if you can fulfill their needs and have a real long think. Are you ready?! Can you bring joy to these puppies' lives? Will this puppy bring joy to you or your family?

We are seeing a considerable amount of cockapoos being bred as their popularity continues, but also a rise in the amount up for re-homing.


Things you should consider before making this leap 

Can you offer life long commitment to a real-life four-legged cuddly dog?

 A Cockapoo can live around 10-16 years. Can you commit your time to provide food, shelter, exercise, training, Grooming, and most essential, LOVE?

Will you Care for him for all these years every single day? You will need to make provisions for when you are on holiday abroad, or if you have an active social life or spending too many hours at the office; anything that takes you away from your puppy, your dog, will need to be looked after.


Do you have time & patience to train your Puppy Dog?

Puppies can be hard work and stressful, just like a newborn, except they BITE!

When you bring them back home, they will need time to settle, and you need to help them establish a routine. Routine is KEY to a stress-free puppy and stress-free for you!

Most important is to toilet train your new baby cockapoo, which won't happen overnight, and learn about bite inhibitions; get some GOOD teething toys!

Teach basic commands, ensure they are well socialised, and have plenty of recall training; puppies, in my experience, when you think you have them trained, dart off to a funky smell they have in their tracks.

Puppy teething?

Puppy nipping is one of the most stressful stages during puppy development, especially as pups go through teething just like a human baby; they sometimes find it painful and uncomfortable. Get them a teether set from; this will soothe their pain with a money-back guarantee. Our toys are Made for babies, too, so there are NO toxins in our toys, just flexible, durable teething aids.

TTraining continues as pups go through adolescence, a period you have to reaffirm the activity you have already taught. They can pretend to forget, but you must carry the discipline routine.

Do you have time to groom or take them to the pet groomers?

 dirty knotted Cockapoo

Cockapoos need Care and attention to ensure their coats are matt-free.

When they turn into adults, they need regular maintenance and require regular brushing and combing; the paws need cutting with either clipper or scissor cut approx every eight weeks.

The groomer will generally charge between £20-£50. If you don't keep up with this, it can be excruciating for your dog, and if not kept up in check may have to get a shorter cut when they do go for trim due to the matt in the hair.

These dogs sometimes make your life a little more complicated as they love to get dirty, the mud and puddles, and dare I say it, in poo!

Their coats also are a magnet to sticks, grass seeds, burrs, and anything else that their lovely coats can gather. So you may need to sit after a long walk like a monkey picking these out your dog.

Be aware grass seeds can also be dangerous, and often they get embedded in their ears and paws and require the vet to remove them. This could even mean a sedation/ Big vet bill. In or worst-case scenario, the seed can travel up the leg and into other areas, and the operation is more extensive and expensive.

After each walk, ensure you have a good check over your pet's coat for grass seeds, ticks, and sticks to keep your dog's general well-being well.

 Do you have time and mind for exercise?

Cockapoos are active dogs with lots of energy to burn and require a good amount of daily exercise. They also like to be free and off the lead, free to roam, sniff and explore their lives.


This breed isn't daft; they are very intelligent and can quickly get bored, so playing catch and play games, teaching new tricks doing other activities like fly ball will be suitable for mental stimulation. While you may think they are happy to sleep the days away, you must bear in mind these are active dogs.


Funds for Insurance to cover treatments 


We recommend that you take out dog insurance to cover illness and any accidents the dog has or may cause to others. Insurance will not cover some things, such as routine trips to vets for things like worming, flea treatments, and neutering. So you will need money to pay for these over and above your insurance premiums. Cockapoos are also prone to ear infections due to their pendulous ears.


Are you looking for an independent dog? If so, this may not be the breed for you. 


Cockapoos live and breathe, for humans can come very attached to their owners, like velcro. They love to be around you; they worship the ground on your stand. They love to be around you.

This attachment and worship may be delightful; however, some can be prone to separation anxiety when left alone due to the close bonds you and your pet could have. Therefore it's good to get them used to be left alone from an early age and build up the time left in small stages.


Do you want a cockapoo due to being good allergic to dogs?


It is misleading for breeders to describe them as hypoallergenic, as people can get allergic reactions to the dogs' skin, saliva, and dander, not just the fur. 

Variations in coats of the cockapoo aren't 100% predictable could be either poodle or the cocker, maybe even a bit of both. 

The appearance could be of the poodle or cocker or, again, a bit of both.

 While Cockapoos can inherit the low molting coats of the poodle, it is not a given. While many people with allergies do not react to Cockapoos, it is advisable that if you are an allergy sufferer, spend time with a Cockapoo to see if a reaction occurs. Maybe ask a breeder if you could visit both puppies and adults to see if any reactions occur or an owner who is willing for you to spend time with their dog; also, try and ensure no other pets are present so that any reactions are not down to them. 


 Info from Hearing Dogs:

 The allergens in a dog are called Can F1, Can F2, Can F3, and Can F4 and comes from the saliva, which can get onto the coat when a dog cleans itself, its urine, and sebaceous glands onto its hair. Allergen levels worsen in winter when dogs are more likely to be kept indoors.

 There is no scientific evidence that some breeds are more allergenic than others as it is not influenced by whether they molt but by their saliva. You cannot predict the allergenicity of the saliva by breed/type. Some dogs will produce fewer allergens than others.



 Do you want a molt-free dog?


Cockapoos can shed hair, although not of it, especially if they take on the poodle's coat. There is no guarantee of 100% if it has a poodle coat, so expect some hair to shed, especially those more like a cocker appearance; they will have less curly hair. 


These dogs are just too cute.

 puppies in a basket cockapoo

Yes, they are unbelievably cute; there is no getting away from that. However, as with any dog can have a wide variety of temperaments, and these dogs require a good amount of exercise, grooming, and mental stimulation.


Want a clean, pristine dog?


Yes, when they have just had a cut, they are clean, pristine dogs, but when they see that puddle or a lake to jump into or poo to roll in, they will go that extra mile and jump right in.


A healthy breed, they have their issues like us all.


You must ensure when buying that at least one of the parents has been DNA tested clear for GPRA. This condition affects the retina of the eye and can lead to blindness.


Conditions that affect the poodle or cocker can also change your cockapoo.


Cockapoos can also be affected by but are not limited to:


Hip dysplasia

 Patella Luxation

 Eye issues such as Cataracts

 Ear infections

 Allergies .i.e. Pollen


 Do you work full time?


 Many dog owners work full time, so don't worry too much, but you do need to consider the length of time the dog will be left alone, especially during the puppy and adolescent stages of development.

 If you use a crate, we do not recommend that your dog be left alone for long periods.

 Again, make adequate provisions such as having a family member, friend, or dog walker pop in during the day to take them out for a walk, play, and check they are ok.

 For puppies, we strongly recommend taking some holiday time from work to spend their first weeks with you; it will help you bond and be there to help them settle in and start their training, such as toilet training.

 For adult dogs, If you can take them out for a long walk before going to work, they may be fine till you return home or just need someone to pop in and check on them and let them out in the garden.


Next, if that hasn't put you off getting your dog, go and get her! 

cockapoo running in the grass


However, research breeders, if it's too good to be true, it probably is!



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