A Dog that looks like a wolf made in UK - Natural rubber Pet Toys

A Dog that looks like a wolf made in UK

A Dog that looks like a wolf made in UK

The Tamaskan dog's other names are Tam. This breed has been selectively bred to look like a wolf!

Wolf Dog

These Dogs are not part of any kennel club as they have been mixed with many dogs to make them look like a wolf-dog, Including:


  • German Shepard
  • Alaskan Malamute 
  • Siberian Huskey

Some believe they could have Czech Wolf dogs and Finish Huskies.

There are Lots of varieties of Wolf-Dogs; these are unique in their own right and have a large fan base and breed association. 

Tamaskan has grown in popularity since the '80s, but questions are being asked about this breed of wolf dog.

So here are some things to know about this beautiful dog: some facts about Tamaskan.


Tamaskan first bred in 1980

A young 40-year-old breed of dogs first seen in the 1980s makes them a very young breed compared to many other species.

They bred when breeders decided to import a group of five dogs of the Husky origin in the United Kingdom from the USA. Jennie Saxy and Lynn Hardey are claimed to be the breed's founders and started the Tamaskan dog register.

They started by importing five Huskies, where they were selectively bred in an attempt to breed a dog with the looks of a wolf but the temperament of a German Shepard or similar working dogs.

Over multiple generations of breeding, the best stock (for example, best temperament and health were vital), The German Shepard, and the Alaskan Malamute were bred into the bloodline.

The result of this breeding program was the first generation of Tamaskan puppies was born.

During the early naughties, it was common for one litter to look very different from another. This was because there wasn't a standardized breed profile and much lack of breeding stock.

The Healthy gene pool and early generic variations made this dog strong, known today have few genetic diseases.

Fast forward to the 21st Century, breeders began to work together, breeding between litters to help create a consistent look and temperament. 

Since 1980 this dog has been growing in popularity with fans and owners worldwide.


Tamaskan Dog has already hit fame. 

mascot wolf dog


This dog is the mascot for the North Caroline State Football team
These dogs are very much in their league, making them famous across the globe.
Over the past 40 years has made its way into the heart of the mainstream media.
In 2010 Wave the Tamaskan dog became the live mascot of the north Caroline State football team.
They have also been seen in music videos such as Lucretia choir. Temperament.
Since 1980 this dog has been growing in popularity with fans and owners worldwide.

They are a dog of many talents; in 2016, Tamaskan named Luchta played the role of 'THE WOLF.' in Arthur Miller, the crucible.

They never escape the media because of their looks and trainable nature.

These dogs love learning and are highly intelligent; this must be encouraged by using clickers or squeakers.

A big thing to note is these, like the German Shepard, are Very Loyal, and punishment SHOULD NEVER be used. Using positive reinforcement dog training is how this dog learns and will help guarantee a healthy and happy friendship. 

They Are not Pure Breds

They are known for their good luck and perfect personality 

Although the Tamaskan is unique, it's still not considered a purebred this is because its easily traced back example, in cross-breeding they are often given the name hybrids or cross-breeds 

So it won't be acknowledged by the international kennel club or the kennel club (UK)

However, they are recognized by the American rare breed associations and are a firm member of the American kennel club.

wolf dog


In the early 2000s, Tamaskan dogs developed into a club. The Tamaskan Register is an international breed club.

The Club helps with registering paperwork and allowing owners to match breeding partners.

Despite not being able to sell as kennel club registered, these dogs still get a premium price of £800 - £1000

The size of a litter is generally sized between 6-10 pups.

You will struggle to find them; they are not as yet a breed on pets at homes, and you most definitely won't find them in a shelter.


They will need a lot of it with a minimum of 90 mins a day, just like their Husky parents. 

So best suited to the outdoors and very active owners willing to spend time walking.

Or you could start hiking/ swimming/ marathon training, anything to chip away their energy.

These dogs would be great for agility training; they will enjoy the work and the challenges, thanks to the German Shepard in them. They are also great at herding dogs; therefore, it may be a good idea for a working dog to encourage mental and physical health.

They are suited to both an individual and a family.

They come in FOUR colours 

They look like a real wolves, so you should consider a name to suit 

Standing around 24 40 28 inches tall and weighing 60 and 88lb, this is a large dog.

Females are slightly smaller and have very female looks, while males are more heaver and sculpted. 


Colours are 


  1. White 
  2. Black Grey 
  3. Wolf Grey 
  4. Red Grey 

They have a double coat for winter like an Alaskan breed or the Siberian Huskey; they are very fluffy to touch like these breeds of dogs.

Facial features are a long black nose and triangular ears; the looks are very handsome indeed with warm eyes, which can vary in colours brown hazel or amber. Blue eyes are not considered a pedigree for this breed or mismatch eyes. 

 They LOOK Like a wolf. 

but are very friendly and very affectionate 

when they are small, Like all puppies, they LOVE to play; when they are big, it is still the same; however, they do look menacing and a perfect deterrent for anyone looking for trouble, although they would like to jump up and give a BIG Sloppy KISS 

They are a very Loyal breed and good with children. I would say they have a similar temperament as the German Shepard but look menacing well; they look like a wolf!

This dog needs open space; they love walking. 


When it comes to Grooming, they are low maintenance; they shed twice a year and may need brushing every other day during the period of shedding.

The coat gives natural oils that help maintain and keep soft and clean; these oils should not be hampered by bathing.

You never really need to clip this breed, so very easy to manage.




Owners may also wish to consider a brand specifically formulated for working dogs. It should also be grain-free, and high quality, as dogs struggle to digest many of the complex carbohydrates found in low-quality dog foods.




The Tamaskan dog is a brilliant, loyal friend perfect for an individual or family.

You or your family must be active outdoor people as this dog loves nothing better than being outdoors.

but if you do not want the long walks, maybe consider an alternative breed

Patience, love, care, and many walks could benefit the urban living.

I aim to get this dog breed in the future when life isn't too busy. I love the look of them; what do you think? comment below  


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