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Is Your Dog Smiling At You

Is Your Dog Smiling At You

Smiling Dog

I've always wondered about this, as when I go to the cupboard for the treats, his Eyes sparkle, and he gives me a lovely smiley grin looking back, saying that's a good idea!
Or when he gazes into my eyes when he is cozying up on the sofa.
My partner doesn't believe the dog smiles at us; however, I'm afraid I massively have to disagree. They do love us as we love them, correct? So a cheesy grin now in then is possible. Well keep reading I have the answer to this question.
Smiling Dog
Emotions in Dogs are they the same as Humans?
What is a smile? Its very simple just moving your mouth up in a turned-up position, sometimes you show your teeth some times you don't but instantly feel better and happy for choosing to move your mouth in this way.
Many times you will smile without even knowing you're doing it, an example is when you win tenner on the lottery, or your dog does something Cute.
Other times a smile is very intentional like when you meet someone new, Or showing someone you care and are happy:) but is this the same when it comes to our much-loved pets?

The Science Bit
The limbic system that is within the brain is responsible for an array of different functions, including motivation, behaviour, memories, and emotions. There is strong evidence that shows the human brain is the most developed, but that canine species so far behind.
Lots of research/studies have been done to look into our non-human family members and their ability to experience, show, and process their emotions. The results have shown our dogs can show emotions as well as show different behaviours to help get our attention and have been shown to express these well.

So like always, I was right:) Yes, my dog smile at me as your dog will smile at you; however, the real question does the smile mean the same thing as we seem to think?
Smiling Dog
Try making your dog smile.

If you are a pet owner, you know our pets can be big show-offs! They love and crave our attention and always looking for more of it, Happiness is like a drug for dogs they want MORE Or Happiness is their favourite treat or walk or BEST pet toy. Showing off also typically gets an excited wag of the tail, and happy response from us, only intensifying the joy your dog emotions. To us, a smile means Happiness or joy. To your dog, it means the same thing.
Smiling Dog
We all want to be happy and content
and feel better with a smile

Lots of things in life will bring your dog or puppy happiness. Think about how they act when treats or their favourite toy is present. They are filled with joy and excitement. This knowledge is a great tool when training your dog.
Use whatever makes them happy for training I use my Ovo Egg rather than treats because he wouldn't stop wanting treats and would never be ending sometimes a treat, but mostly use his favourite toy to get the best out of him. and reward him with a cuddle and a smile:)

Dogs believe you are their champion of this world that you are the best person that walks on this earth, no matter what your dog is very forgiving after you have left him at home while you go to work, he isn't mad when your back he is just happy to see you.
Smiling Dog
A dog can read your body language and sense how you are feeling when watching a sad movie and you give a little tear he tries to comfort and kiss the tears but works to when your over the moon he wants to be happy with you! Dogs will try to mimic your behaviour.
Dogs will smile for so many different reasons. So get out there, get them smiling, you will be pleasantly surprised just how much they make you smile too!
It is January, and we have just PASSED the saddest day of the year!
So putting your happy face on and smile and your dog! Go for walks go for Runs Enjoy happiness with your PET!
He will give you 10x Happiness back to you!

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