Best dog toys for puppies - Natural rubber Pet Toys

Best dog toys for puppies

Best dog toys for puppies

Choosing your first pet toy for your pup can be daunting, with thousands upon thousands to choose from, most of them being made cheaply in China. With a quick online search, you can find they may have some hidden toxins and possible lead, which is alarming. "I LOVE my pet and wouldn't dream about purchasing a nontoxic toy."

Small Snippet from online randomly chose 4 Chinese-made pet toys from an Azda store and tested them for the presence of heavy metals and other toxins.

Here is what they found:

  • A green latex stuffed toy contained high levels of lead and chromium;
  • The same latex toy also showed traces of cadmium, arsenic, and mercury;
  • A cloth catnip toy tested positive for cadmium; and
  • Lesser amounts of cadmium were found in a cloth hedgehog dog toy and a plastic dumbbell toy for cats;

Be aware of cheap

Pet toys do not have the same regulations and testing requirements. Some companies are in it for the profit margins rather than the pet's well-being.

No toxic dog toys

Ensure your Puppy's teething toys are nontoxic and safe


Your Puppy's toy doesn't have to be made by hand, but it's a nice extra touch if made by hand as it brings something different rather than a mass-produced toy.

Interactive dog training toys

Ensure the puppy toy of your choice will engage your pet; puppies for learning help get some training; our toys are great at this as they will have captivated. 

Soft to chew on 

Your Puppy will appreciate a teething puppy toy that is flexible, durable, and something which will be good for his oral hygiene.

Choose the right size toy for your Puppy.

It's pointless giving an ovo rubber Egg to a Great Dane puppy a small toy as he will soon grow out of it. 

But the most important thing is if your Puppy loves the toy as it will be a comfort to him, and he may treasure his first puppy toy.

Choose something for indoors.

As your Puppy may not be able to go much outside until he has had all his vaccines to ensure he is healthy, it is best to get indoor dog toys, not bulky, not hard, and something you can throw around without, too much destruction.

You decide there are lots of quality puppy teething toys and puppy toys on the market, but be careful and ensure they are safe dog toys and fun, which will make him happy.

Here at natural rubber toys, we make all our toys by hand using only natural ingredients. All our toys are non-toxic, painted with permanent food-grade dyes, and tested for suitability for babies! So, they are Tested for your Puppy only the best will do!

The safe way your Puppy can play.






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