"Ovo Rubber Eggs: Indoor Dog Games for Cold Weather Fitness & Mental Stimulation" - Natural rubber Pet Toys

"Ovo Rubber Eggs: Indoor Dog Games for Cold Weather Fitness & Mental Stimulation"

"Ovo Rubber Eggs: Indoor Dog Games for Cold Weather Fitness & Mental Stimulation"

Cold outside

Baby, it is Cold Outside! Let's play inside with our favorite dog toy.

"Indoor Fitness Fun for Your Dog During the Festivities."

While many interactive games offer your dog a puzzle to find a treat, they often lack physical activity. Think of it as playing a board game while indulging in your favourite chocolates – entertaining, but not exactly a workout. However, this festive season, ensure your furry friend gets both mental stimulation and the physical exercise they crave. Dive into our top suggestions that are sure to engage and tire them out, even when it's chilly outside! And all you'll need is their cherished natural rubber OVO egg toy.


"Enhancing Your Dog's Natural Scent Skills"

Help your dog harness their innate sense of smell through an engaging game. Every dog boasts an incredible olfactory ability, but honing this skill can make it even sharper. This activity challenges your dog to problem-solve using their nose. Start by setting up six paper cups (opt for eco-friendly options over plastic) in a line. Without letting your dog watch, hide their cherished ovo egg toy beneath one of the cups. Then, motivate your dog to detect the hidden ovo egg using only their sniffing prowess. Once they've pinpointed the right cup, lift it to reveal the toy, celebrate their success with cheers, and toss the toy for them to fetch. As your dog masters the game, introduce more cups and increase the distance between them. It's not only a mental workout but also a delightful chase game they'll eagerly anticipate.

 Hide and Seek

"Indoor Adventures: Fun Games to Keep Your Dog Engaged"

1. The Great Toy Hunt

Introduce your dog to the joy of indoor treasure hunts with their favorite OVO Egg toy. Begin by letting your dog see the toy, then hide it somewhere out of sight. Bring your dog back into the room and use a command like "find it" to initiate the search. Offer cues when they're close, such as "You're getting warm!" or when they're heading the wrong way, try "Cold, cold!" When they find the toy, shower them with praise and affection, making the discovery feel like the ultimate prize. Over time, increase the challenge by using more complex hiding spots. This game is a favorite of my cockapoo, who has mastered finding the toy even when I've hidden it in trickier places, such as in the laundry basket or behind curtains.

2. The Balancing Act

Teach your dog a patience-building trick by having them balance an OVO Egg on their head or nose. Start with a command like "hold" and reward them when they manage to keep the toy steady. Once they've got the hang of it, use a "get it" command to allow them to grab the toy. The unpredictability of the bouncing OVO Egg adds a playful twist!

3. Stairway Sprint

Transform your staircase into a fitness challenge! This game not only helps burn energy but also sharpens their focus. Start at the bottom, showing them the OVO Egg toy. After ensuring they're excited but still controlled, toss the toy up the stairs and let them sprint after it. However, guide them to be cautious when descending to prevent any injuries. This game can be quite intense, so after several rounds, they'll likely be ready for a nap. Note: This activity is best suited for dogs over a year old, once their joints have fully developed.

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 Ovo Play

Experience the thrill of catch and play with OVO Eggs! Their unique egg shape offers an unpredictable bounce, adding an exciting twist to the game. The soft squeak is gentle on the ears, making it a delight for both you and your pet. Watch as your dog eagerly tries to catch it, and if it slips away, they'll give their all to retrieve their favourite toy. This game is a personal favourite of mine, guaranteed to entertain your canine friend for hours. But don't just rely on my recommendation—check out the glowing reviews on Amazon. Invest in a pack, and your dog will thank you!Dog Play time

Make cleaning a playful session with your dog! Teach your furry friend to store his toys, turning tidying up into an enjoyable game. Using the Lanco OVO Eggs, scatter them throughout your home. Challenge your dog to locate each one and place it into his toy basket, rewarding him with a treat for each successful retrieval. Begin by introducing the "put it away" command. Once he understands, watch him gleefully pick up a toy and carry it to his basket. As he gets better, up the stakes by spreading the toys further apart or hiding them in various rooms.

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