Pets Indoor Play with Rubber OVO EGGS by Lanco | Natural rubber Pet Toys

Pets Indoor Play with Rubber OVO EGGS by Lanco

Pets Indoor Play with Rubber OVO EGGS by Lanco

Cold outside

Baby, it is Cold Outside! let’s play inside with our favourite dog toy.

Great ideas to keep your dog fit indoors and engaged between the festive period.

There are some amazing games out there where your dog must figure out where the eatable treat is. these games are good for the short term but are NOT the answer! This is FOOD and doesn’t require much movement from your dog, Some Mental engagement is there but NO movement. It’s one maybe for the end of Christmas day. It’s like playing monopoly whilst eating a box of your favourite chocolate, you will be Engaged / Entertained but not keeping healthy.

Here are some good ideas that will tire your dog keep them fully engaged Mentally and Physically and every bit as FUN:) as it's Cold Outside! All you will need for this a pack of his favourite natural rubber OVO the eggs.


  1. Dogs Sense of smell

Teach your dog to discover his/ her favourite toy using his/her nose this is a great game for the mind. All dogs have a great sense of smell, however, they need to work on it and use this skill. This exercise will get your dog excited in solving problems, using one of their strongest senses. Set up a set of six paper cups (PLEASE TRY NOT TO USE PLASTIC) set the cups upside down, without your puppy or dog seeing you hide your dog’s favourite ovo egg place under one cup. Next, encourage your dog to use his nose to find the ovo egg, then lift the cup and cheer and congratulate your dog, throw your dog toy to watch it bounce in all directions and congratulate him/her on retrieving the dog toy. Your dog will now know what’s expected of him/her and will use his powerful sense to play. You could add more paper cups further between. This will be great fun for your dog and will find it fun chasing down his CATCH great fun.

 Hide and Seek

  1. Hide and let your dog seek

If you have trained your dog to “find it” then hide and let your dog seek, this is a fantastic indoor game to play with his favourite dog toy.  To play show him an OVO Egg you’re going to hide and put it somewhere he can’t see you. Then go get your dog and tell him to “find it” or similar command you may use to look for something. Give him some clues when he is getting close ask the question "where’s your OVO" when he gets closer still say close "Good boy/girl. If your dog is going further away from the dog toy, give some hints if needed, by pointing or walking near the area where the Ovo Egg is hidden. When he/she finds it makes a Big Deal! congratulate and cuddle😊. Make the search all worthwhile. As this game goes on, he/she will get better and faster finding the eggs.

My cockapoo loves this game and has become an expert at it. I put him in the utility room and close the door whilst hide the toy in the house, banging and closing doors around the house to ensure he hasn’t just followed the sounds of my footsteps. He always goes to the last place I hid his favourite dog toy, but I always find another place to put the OVO egg, some good places in the laundry basket, bookshelf just above his head height, behind the curtains, under the rug next to the fire. Be sure to keep changing places and challenge your dog by getting creative this will keep his/her brain and body well engaged and HAPPY.

  1. Balance

Train your dog balance an ovo on his head or nose this will teach your dog to be patient as you will teach a command calm/patience. then go get it he will soon snap and run with his favourite toy most of the time, however, won’t catch and will bounce all in different directions this is even more fun for your dog but make sure no expensive cups/plates around as these could be soon crashing to the floor

  1. Stairway Race

Well you have probably guessed it

Running on the stairs can give your dog a good work out make a game of it and will get some serious energy burnt. To get the best out of this game with least potential risk to your dog's joints, start at the bottom of the stair. Engage your dog with his favourite Dog toy, ensure he sits and waits for the command Maybe build up as your going to throw Ready steady GO! Let your dog run for the catch he will run as fast as he can chasing after the bouncing OVO egg. But on the way down try to teach him to slow down on his decent to ensure NO injury. After 8- 10 of these he will be ready to curl up for asleep. (VERY IMPORTANT NOTE) Please ensure your dog is over 1 year of age after their joists are fully formed. You could cause long term damage if you are playing this game with puppy or dogs not best suited for stairs.

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 Ovo Play

  1. General play with OVO Eggs

You will be amazed by a general catch a play with OVO Eggs they are egg shape which makes them unpredictability of where they bounce so much FUN. And light Squeak isn’t bad too for the ears, your dog will catch in mouth and if he misses, he will scramble with all power to catch his favourite toy this is my favourite game it will keep your dog amused for HOURS don’t just take my word for check out the reviews on Amazon. Buy a Pack your dog won’t be disappointed!

 Dog Play time

Tidy up and chill out time

Cleaning up can be fun too when your dog knows how to put his dog toys away! This game is Fun and Easy just scatter your Lanco OVO Eggs over the house and have your dog find each one and put them in his Doggy toy box to earn a treat. Start out with teaching your do “put it away” means. Your dog should pick up a toy and carry to his doggy basket. Increase the difficulty of this game, by increasing the distance you put the toys even in hiding them in multiple rooms


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