Ovo Rainbow Collection - Natural rubber Pet Toys

Ovo Rainbow Collection

Ovo Rainbow Collection

Ovo egg Rainbow is a lovely set of 6 ovo Original. These Rubber Ovo Eggs are regimented in a natural egg container that is fully biodegradable. So products are fully biodegradable, and box too. Take note Coca-cola gone with plastic, please!
These Eco-friendly, sustainable dog toys are great for your dog or puppy; they bounce in all directions, so please ensure your china is nicely packed away.
Great for indoor and outdoor play; however, these are catch-and-play toys, not dog chews, so keep an eye on your pet; most don't destroy them, but they are NOT indestructible. Most dogs treasure these toys.
Painted with Permanent food-grade dyes and sap of Hevea Tree,
they have a gentle squeak not to annoy us pet lovers but loud enough to drive your dog into excitement.
Great for training aids, better than dog chocolate, also very good for teething puppies too
So if you are looking for a dog toy your dog will love, I would recommend ovo Eggs or any of our toys on www.naturalrubberpettoys.com
don't forget you get a free gif on each purchase and Free delivery on orders over £20

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