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There's always the temptation to treat our dog's likely mini-human beings. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things we take for granted that aren't exactly good for them. If you want to keep your loveable puppy in the best of health, then it's a good idea to check out the list below.

Chocolate is Bad

How many dog owners sneak their best friend a little chocolate treat now and again? It contains substances such as caffeine and theobromine, which aren't good for the canine gut. If you want to keep your dog in tip-top condition, avoid the chocolate treats – especially dark chocolate – no matter how much they want to gobble it up.

Dogs and Alcohol

Okay, we all know we shouldn't give our animals a quick slurp of beer or wine, but it's surprising how many pet owners do. It can seem fun but can cause stomach problems, difficulty breathing, and, in extreme circumstances, even death. The smaller your dog is, the more likely it is to suffer adverse effects, so don't leave your alcoholic drinks lying around where they can get at them. Because of their caffeine content, other beverages you may leave around, such as coffee and tea, are also dangerous to dogs.

Human Food

If you feed your dog titbits off the table while eating, it's helpful to be aware of what's good and bad.

  • Avocado might seem healthy, but it contains persin, which can be dangerous to dogs.
  • It would be best if you avoided anything with onion or garlic in them too. Why? It can harm your little dog's red blood cells and cause anemia.
  • Grapes and raisins can cause kidney problems, and milk, cream, or cheese can lead to digestive issues.
  • Avoid macadamia nuts and anything with them, like biscuits, as they can make a dog sick. S
  • Please stay away from any food that has salt added to it.

Other Dog Hazards in the Home

It's not just food that can cause problems for dogs. Toys with moving parts or made from synthetic materials can cause problems. A dog can break off part of a toy and choke on it, and some materials can cause poisoning (which is why you should always choose toys for your dog that are made from natural products).

Things like insecticides and cleaning products can also harm dogs. If you've just washed your carpets, keep the dog out of the room until it's dried. If you have bottles of detergent or bleach, you should make sure you put them out of reach of any animals in your home.

Even household plants can be poisonous to dogs. Aloe Vera is popular in many homes but can cause digestive problems if your dog takes a liking to the plant. Ivy can cause difficulty breathing, and a leafy plant-like philodendron causes burns inside a dog's mouth if it decides to have a chew.

All this can make you feel that there's a hazard around every corner and that your dog may be in mortal danger. In most cases, however, safety means putting things out of reach or not feeding your dog a particular food or treat. Swapping to organic toys such as Ovo the Egg from Mushroom and co, made from natural products, and ensuring you use safe cleaning products can go a long way to ensure your pup stays safe at home.



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