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Sales Of Puppies in UK

Sales Of Puppies in UK

Soon it will stop! Soon it will be impossible to buy a puppy from a Pet Store this is to help with animal Exploitation and abuse. The ban Will include Pet Shops and any third party.

When the law is finalised next year, here in Briton you will have to deal with a breeder or animal re-homing center if you would like to buy a kitten or puppies under 6 months

This decision was made by the department of environmental food and rural affairs (DEFRA) following massive support from the public.

The hope is to stop impulse purchases, a dog is for life, not just a smile! Holiday times like long stretch in summer with kids are the ideal time for these pet buys, however with the business of life they soon get abandoned or re-homed.

"I urge anyone who is thinking of buying a puppy, or any pet, at this time of year to pause and think carefully before doing so," Animal welfare Minister David Rutley said announcing the measure on December 23

" This ban on third-party sales of puppies and kittens is part of our commitment to make sure the nations much loved pets get the right start in life"

The law is known as Lucy's Law after king Charles spaniel who had been treat really badly at a welsh puppy farm. TV vet Marc Abraham, launched the campaign for the legislation and hailed the move as "a real victory for grassroots campaigners as well as the UK's dogs and cats"

This, in my opinion, will stop dogs been used as a breeding machines and hopefully stop impulse purchases, a dog is for life generally 16 years. it a massive commitment that is joyful, but sometimes demanding it needs to be the right decision.

The ban will come into force "when parliamentary time allows"

This has come just after another recent pet law prohibiting licensed pet sellers from selling puppies and kittens less than eight weeks old

Here in the UK, we love our pets and we should celebrate this move:)


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