Natural rubber bouncing rubber Eggs - Natural rubber Pet Toys

Natural rubber bouncing rubber Eggs

Natural rubber bouncing rubber Eggs

Natural Rubber Pet Toys by Mushroom & Co Would like to introduce one of our most popular dog toys and explain why they are increasing.

Natural Rubber

Lanco lovingly produced each Rubber Egg since 1952, a company based in Barcelona since 1952 (no wonder the Eggs are vibrant and colorful.) Lanco uses only natural ingredients for their dog toys, such as Sap of the Hevea tree and permanent food-grade dyes

Each Dog Toy is individually made

We do not mass produce our rubber egg dog toys. Lanco individually makes each of our dog toys, but most importantly, they have no dangerous toxins like other mass-produced dog toys; we only use the best ingredients.

Ovo The Egg

We have Ovo rubber egg Large and Ovo Original; they have masterly designed to ensure your pet has maximum fun! Designed like an egg, they bounce in different directions when you throw them at a pet.


They are soft to touch and gentle to squeak; the softness of these toys is the secret to them being durable; as your loving pet bites, they squash down, giving ultimate satisfaction to your small to medium-sized or large dog. I'm not saying they are not indestructible; it depends on your dog's behavior with toys, my dog Bonnie keeps them and treasures them and, most importantly, plays with them. But they are still worth a try given the texture as they may be different from other dog toys you have.


Don't worry, we thought of you; these toys have a gentle squeak which is very manageable; I could not cope with a loud squeak, but these are gentle but still keeps your dog entertained and are ideal as a training tool as the soft squeak will surely get them to jump through any hoops no treats needed here!

Some recent reviews

  • It has kept my dog entertained since these were purchased a few weeks ago. I don't know if it's the slight squeak from the air passing through them or the soft rubber they are made of, but I have never seen them so consistently excited and amused for hours with any other toy! So far, they have not been chewed or swallowed; I hope your dogs have as much fun with them as mine!
  • My cockapoo loves them and has not demolished one (which I believe was helped by being left out in the garden for weeks), but she still plays with it, AND the eyelashes are still intact! Am thinking of also getting the larger size. Brilliant idea, especially the quiet squeak!!!


    • I've read a few reviews on this item which made me want to purchase them. They have now turned into my 5-month-old cockapoo's favorite toy. It's the first thing my dog looks for when she wakes up. She has had hours of entertainment with them so far, and that's no exaggeration. I would recommend these to other people; they are fab!


  1. Soft but durable
  2. Entertaining
  3. Gentle Squeak
  4. Colourful
  5. Rubber egg toys Bounce in all directions
  6. It will be one of if not your pet's favorite toy
  7. Hand Made using non-toxic ingredients


Swapping to natural dog toys such as Ovo, the original egg or large or XL or XXL from Mushroom and co, which are made using natural ingredients, and making sure you use safe cleaning products can go a long way to making sure your dog stays safe at home.


FUN FUN FUN!!! Play Play Play Choose only natural toys for your pups!

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